1. As far as possible use freshly roasted and ground coffee powder as the quality of coffee deteriorates every time it is exposed to atmosphere.

2. Use good quality water. If water tastes or smells funny or heavily chlorinated it will affect the brew. Then a bottle or filtered water should be used.

3. Different coffee brewing method requires different kinds of grind. There is no such thing as all purpose grind. Therefore select the correct grind for brewing your coffee. Coffee that is ground too fine will delay the brewing process and produces a bitter taste. Conversely, too coarse a grind speed up the brewing process and produces a light and bland taste.

4. Use 2 tablespoons fo ground coffee ( Roughly 16 to 20 gms) for each 150 ml of water. You can add a little more or less depending upon whether you want is strong or light.

5. Coffee can be kept warn on a hot plate for just 15 min. Thereafter the brew starts turning bitter. Do not reheat coffee as it completely changes the quality of coffee to a very burnt and bitter taste.

6. Old fashioned Stainless Steel drip pots make excellent coffee.

7. Automatic drip machines generally use filter paper which gives a papery taste and spoils the coffee flavour. Gold or nylon filter are preferable as it allows flavour to pass through the minute holes without adding unwanted tastes or flavour to the brew.

8. The moment you break open a packet of coffee transfer it to an airtight container and store it in a cool dry place.

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