The history of coffee and coffee making is as rich and colourful as the brew itself and like any other major discovery which has colourful stories attached to it, coffee is no exception.

Though there are several legends surrounding the discovery of coffee, the most familiar one is that of Kaldi, the shepherd and his goats in Ethiopia where cofee was first discovered.

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Kaldi found to his surprise his goats were overactive and were jumping and frolicking after eating the fruits of a particular tree. When Kaldi ate some of the fruits he was astonished at the effect it had on him. Sometime later, a wandering Imam noticed the goat herds unusual behaviour and he enquired Kaldi about this.

The Kaldi shared his knowledge with the old man who later refined the process of making coffee brew.


The cultivation of coffee first started in Yemen, the province of Arabia in the 15th Century and for many years Yemen was the major supplier of coffee bean in the world.

The cultivation of coffee was a highly guarded secret and no plants or beans were allowed to leave the province. Despite this, Muslim pilgrims from all over the world who were on a piligrimage to Mecca managed to smuggle coffee plants to their respective countries. In 1453 coffee was introduced in Constantinople by Ottoman Turks and between 1580-1590 coffee was introduced into America and in 1773, after the Boston Tea Party, Coffee drinking became a way of life in the United States.

The East India Company founded by the Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1600 was the single most powerful economic force that the world had ever seen. It had its own armies, navies, and currencies and its influence and control spread to several parts of the globe. It introduced Tea to Britain and India, Opium to China, spices to West Indies and porcelain to Russia.

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